Emilie Tommerberg: I love my naturally grown lashes

If there’s something we girls want, it’s long and beautiful lashes

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If there’s something we girls want, it’s long and beautiful lashes

We are proud to introduce lovely Emilie Tommerberg. Get to know her opinion on the Nutrilashes serum.

Longer lashes and thicker brows

” If there is something we girls want, it’s long and thick lashes. We use false lashes for a night, or glue for some more permanent varieties. Both of these options wear on the natural lashes and it does not give a completely natural look. I love the natural look, and that was what I wanted when I started using Nutrilashes” – Emilie

I love Nutrilashes, simple as that! Amazing for both lashes and brows

Emilie Tømmerberg

” Nutrilashes is one of the best decision I’ve made in my life. It took about 6 weeks to see results. My lashes are looking so long and thick that I don’t need to use mascara. This product is worth the price, for sure.” – Emilie

It’s easy – get to know the routine

” I apply the serum along the upper lash line every night after I have removed the makeup and cleansed the skin.

” My lashes have become longer and stronger. It really blowed my mind. After 6 weeks, my lashes are much longer. I am delighted with Nutrilashes.”

” I also like to apply the serum on my eyebrows, it works wonders on the weak finish of my eyebrows. The small hairs at the end of the brow become thicker and longer.” – Emilie

We thrive when your eyelashes thrives

Nutrilashes Eyelash & Brow Growth Serum uses the highest-quality ingredients and latest innovative proven technology. It is safe to say – that dry, sparse and brittle lashes have met their match. Nutrilashes is the best eyelash serum to grow and enhance the look of your natural lashes and brows.

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