Spotlight: Anniken Jørgensen

Top influencer Anniken Jørgensen is deeply in love with Nutrilashes

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Top influencer Anniken Jørgensen is deeply in love with Nutrilashes

Our partnership with popular Scandinavian influencer Anniken Jørgensen is three years old. She is embracing our Nutrilashes Eyelash & Brow growth serum, giving it her very best recommendations!

Want my bushy brows?

” I have been using Nutrilashes for a long time. It really is an amazing Eyelash serum. I have always wanted natural grown lashes and also eyebrows, but I haven’t always been able to get the length and thickness that I wanted.

I ruined my lashes as I let them disappear inside fake lashes, and “everyone” said that my lashes would survive (I promise they didn’t) and the stumps that were left were sadly short. I looked everywhere for a cure and found none.

” When I tried Nutrilashes, my eyelashes really began to take shape. It only took some days and my lashes were really long & thick. I use Nutrilashes every day, and my lashes and brows has really grown. I love my new lashes, they are both thick and long.

” So, it’s Nutrilashes that has given my brows the small bush in the front. I’ve said it before, and say it again, Nutrilashes is no miracle cure, but it really works. If you want naturally grown lashes and brows, this is the way to go. You will be amazed by the results, and it’s well worth the premium price, Anniken says.

Want to give it a try? Use todays discount code SAVE15 and you’ll get a 15% discount.


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