Premium White Teeth Whitening Kit


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An advanced whitening formula that is proven to make your teeth whiter, brighter, and stronger. Achieve the same results at home as at the dentist. Powerful whitening formula designed to provide fast whitening results.

✔︎ Home teeth whitening Kit
✔︎ Whiter and stronger teeth
✔︎ Results as at the dentist
✔︎ Safe and effective

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About Premium White


Our goal is to create the most effective whitening formula out there, without ever sacrificing your oral health. The Premium White Teeth Whitening Kit whitens teeth in few minutes and you can do it from the comfort of your home. It features our powerful whitening formula with ingredients that are proven whiten your teeth. Combined with our state of the art LED technology designed to provide fast whitening results.

Premium White whitens teeth with a gel that contains a small amount of the active ingredient hydrogen peroxide. It only works on the surface and does not penetrate into the pores of the enamel. In addition, the set includes an LED light that amplifies the bleaching process and provides maximum effect.

We recommend that you carry out one bleaching four days in a row for the best possible effect and repeat the process every two months.


We care about your smile!

With Premium White Teeth Whitening, you will experience the feeling of smile care. Our one and only ambition is to get you to smile with confidence!

You can now whiten your teeth with even better results than going to the dentist. And may we add, it's cheaper! We create whitening products that make your teeth healthier – with a zero tolerance policy for pain and sensitivity.

How do I use the Teeth Whitening Kit?


Brush your teeth

Brush your teeth to remove food and plaque. Your teeth are clean and you are ready to start the whitening process!


Boil water

Boil water and separate the mouth trays. Then immerse the mouth trays separately in the boiling water for approx. 3 seconds or until the mouth trays begins to “wither”. CAUTION: Do not keep the mouth trays under water for too long, as this will cause it to shrink and/or deform.


Form mouth trays

First place one mouth tray into your mouth and bite down softly, at the same time you can press it against the front of your teeth with your fingers and the back of your teeth with your tongue. Let the mouth trays cool down, it is now perfectly shaped for your teeth. Repeat with the other mouth tray. You only need to perform this procedure once for each mouth tray, not every time you perform a whitening.


Cut mouth trays

Once both mouth trays are shaped, cut off the piece that is in front of the mouth trays so that you can close your mouth completely again when the mouth trays are in your mouth.



Apply gel

Check that the mouth trays are clean and dry before applying teeth whitening gel. Apply a little bit of gel to the top and to the bottom of the Mouth Tray to whiten both top and bottom teeth.


Insert mouth trays

Immediately after, place the mouth trays over your teeth. Place the mouth traces firmly against the teeth. Wipe off excess gel.


Insert LED light

Pop the LED device in, press the button, and the whitening process begins.




The teeth whitening process should work for about 30 - 60 minutes. We recommend 45 minutes for most people. Relax in the comfort of your home, and do whatever you want.
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You're done

Easy as that, your teeth are now whiter. Spit and rinse, and repeat for 3 consecutive days for the best results!

What does the Kit include?

Each Teeth Whitening Kit comes complete with an LED Light and 2 Mouth Trays and 1 Gel Syringe. Instructions are included on the back of the Premium White Teeth Whitening Kit.

Whitening gel ingredient list: Propylenglykol, Glyserin, Carbomer, Trietanolamin, Menthol, Disodium EDTA, Hydrogen Peroxide

Wireless LED Technology

Engineered for faster results, the Premium White Teeth Whitening Kit comes with a highly effective LED light. It has been designed to increase the reaction between stains and the unique effects of Hydrogen peroxide.

Teeth Whitening for everybody!

Our customers comes from all over the world, and they all have one thing in common: Whiter teeth and a happy smile!

Find out why our customers love us so much, by visiting our review section. By the way, take a look at our other products. We're pretty sure you'll find something you like!